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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and adaptability are essential. Companies constantly look for ways to increase productivity while keeping costs low. One of the more recent developments in this quest for innovation is the concept of GiGTRiBES – a dynamic, team-based gig economy model. In contrast to full-time employees (FTEs), GiGTRiBES present several unique advantages that can lead to a significant return on investment. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of GiGTRiBES, and also discuss some advantages that FTEs have over their gig worker counterparts.

The GiGTRiBE Advantage

GiGTRiBES, or independent contractors organized into teams or “tribes,” come together from all corners of the globe, each bringing specialized skills within a specific subject or area. This unique blend of expertise enables them to complement the skills, knowledge, and experience of other team members, ensuring optimal results. Beyond their diverse backgrounds, GiGTRiBES possess several noteworthy advantages over FTEs:

  1. Flexibility: GiGTRiBES can form and disband according to the needs of a project, thereby reducing resource costs and waste. This fluid approach means companies can leverage gig workers for supplemental capacity during peak demand or to expedite a specific task.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Because GiGTRiBES members are responsible for their own education and skills development, employers can bypass the expense of training and development seen with FTEs.
  3. Access to Expertise: Companies employing GiGTRiBES can tap into a vast pool of highly skilled individuals. This limitless access allows them to enhance their existing capabilities and complete projects more effectively.

Balancing the Argument: Full-Time Employee Advantages

While GiGTRiBES offer many benefits, it’s important not to overlook the advantages of having FTEs.

These include:

  1. Company-Specific Knowledge: FTEs can invest in building knowledge and expertise pertinent to the company over time, proving invaluable in the long run.
  2. Reduced Hourly Rates: When considering pay rate on an hourly basis, FTE salaries tend to be lower than the fees charged by GiGTRiBES members.
  3. Long-Term Assets: Talented, loyal FTEs act as important company assets and provide a competitive edge. However, these benefits can be overshadowed by the challenges that arise when employees leave the company.

Consider that:

GiGTRiBES are a form of freelancing or “teamlancing,” comprises individuals united within a team to accomplish narrowly defined project goals. Companies collaborate with these high-performance teams to enhance their own abilities and achieve specified objectives.

GiGTRiBES use short-term contracts; to achieve a specific set of tasks; within defined time and cost-frames; and teamwork with a cross-functional focus.

GiGTRiBES offer higher performance, lower costs, faster results, increased flexibility, less commitment, a heightened sense of responsibility, and better management of intellectual property.

You can simply register with to join or find tribes to collaborate with. GiGTRiBE employs AI for recommendations, smarter collaboration, and financial/project management.

Additionally, it ensures milestone payments using a unique g-pay platform that keeps things objective, fair and equitable between companies and individuals.

If you are a business with a research and development project, or you require additional capacity, consider hiring a GiGTRiBE,

Or, if you are an individual with specific talents and experience, why not join one or more GiGTRiBES at

GiGTRiBES provide unconventional solutions to traditional employment models. Their distinct approach fosters flexibility, efficiency, and cost- ffectiveness, while adding value to companies through increased project capabilities.