Let our GiGTRiBE specialist know what you would like help with?

We will work with you to understand your GiG requirements and formalize that into a Statement of Work. You can use this for budgeting purposes and to share with TRiBES for quotes.

Our special price of $2,500 will only apply if you select all of our services. Otherwise, we charge $300 per service with a minimum engagement cost of $1000.

Help me with the following services.

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  • 1.Schedule a Discovery Call
  • 2. Investigate and research needs
  • 3. Document scope & charter for sign-off
  • 4. Perform a requirements gathering workshop
  • 5. Document solution design for sign-off
  • 6. Create a project plan
  • 7. Set a timeline
  • 8. Recommend resources
  • 9. Provide a budgetary quote
  • 10. Email Statement of Work for sign-off

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